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01 12 2016

PKFPL Summer Newsletter 2016

We’ve talked before about how changes to tax law around buying and selling property might affect you. Now that the changes are in operation and the bright line test is being applied to determine tax liability, an issue highlighted only recently might leave you exposed.

01 06 2016

PKFPL Winter Newsletter 2016

Underpaid provisional tax can cause a few headaches. Maybe you did not keep up with your provisional tax payments throughout the year? (oops) Perhaps you did not end up paying enough because you had a better-than-expected financial year (yay! but damn, an increased tax liability).

01 03 2016

PKFPL Autumn Newsletter 2016

Inland Revenue’s crackdown on ‘cashies’ continues with their focus on undeclared cash in the construction and hospitality sectors. Last year, the Auckland region saw the most activity. Inland Revenue are now widening their reach.

01 09 2015

PKFPL Spring Newsletter 2016

We have long known we’re a nation powered by small business. That lends itself to personalised ways of doing business, strong relationships going back a long way, teams that feel like family.

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