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01 02 2017

Now more than ever, is the time to move to the cloud!

Last week I attended the annual PKF New Zealand Conference with guest speakers from Xero, the leading online accounting software provider.

23 01 2017

Sticking to Your New Year's Business Resolutions

It's that time again as we plunge headlong at what seems to be super-sonic speed into the end of the year. We kick ourselves for not having organised Christmas earlier, but then feel some relief that we still have some time, after all there's still two weeks left isn't there?

25 11 2016

Tax measures to help those affected by the quakes

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse today announced tax measures to help those affected by the Kaikoura earthquakes.

11 11 2016

IRD is stepping up recovery efforts overseas

IRD is in talks with foreign tax departments as it steps up efforts to recover money owed by overseas-based student loan borrowers.

10 11 2016

Donald Trump - President of the United States of America

The controversial Donald Trump has won the United States Presidential Election (as I'm sure you know by now).

10 11 2016

Would NZ change their habits with a tax on fast foods and soft drinks?

The NZ Herald states some Kiwi's would change their eating and drinking habits if the Government imposed a 'fat tax' on fast-food and a 'sugar tax' on soft drinks.

01 11 2016

Challenges for family-owned businesses

Family owned businesses ("FOBs") are big contributors to the NZ economy, and there are many examples in our own community. Those families involved will know how much work and sacrifice goes into creating a business, and it always seems a shame to me to see the number that don't survive to the next generation.

27 10 2016

Consultant attacks farm tax changes

The Inland Revenue Department appears to be buying a fight with farmers and their tax advisers as it seeks to change a rule that has been in force for more than 50 years.

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