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30 10 2019

Public Holidays - to Pay or not to Pay

There always seems to be a bit of trepidation when it comes to payment for public holidays and rightly so as it gets confusing when you have staff on different arrangements and working different times and days. For ease of reference, we are splitting this article over two months, as we are going to try and simplify the rules for you.

16 09 2019

Tax saving strategies for agricultural business

There are long-held misconceptions about how to save tax. Here are some ideas that work and some that don’t. If the tax saving involves spending more money than made, then any decision must be in conjunction with your cashflow forecast to ensure you don’t run short of cash at crucial times of the year.

05 09 2019

Better Management Practice

Clear expectations for employees are key for staff to reach their potential for your business. Employees need to know exactly what’s expected of them and inspiring high performance starts with establishing clear expectations and goals. Understanding and, where possible, agreeing to expectations should be part of an employee’s induction.

29 08 2019

Triangular Employment Relationships

The main effect of the changes for Agencies and Clients is that if an employee of the Agency raises a personal grievance against the Agency when the Employee has been on an assignment with a Client, either the employee or the Agency can join the Client as a party and the Client may have liability if it has caused or contributed to the grievance.

12 08 2019

Ring-fencing residential property losses – legislation at last!

The changes apply retrospectively from the start of the 2019/20 income year, which is 1 April 2019 for most taxpayers. With Capital Gains Tax off the table, it would seem these rules are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

27 06 2019

IRD System Upgrade Q & A

As you will be aware the IRD have undergone a significant system upgrade. With this change has come a few hiccups, one being that we need to reconfirm our Agency list to their new system. While we complete this, you may receive a letter (as per example) in the mail stating that PKF Poutsma Lemon (Paihia) Limited has “third party access to your information”. This letter is simply confirming that we are still your Tax Agents and are continuing to work with the IRD on your behalf. You don’t need to do anything but if you are concerned about the letter or any other correspondence you get from the IRD, please contact us immediately.

01 05 2019

Get Ready for the New Financial year with Xero

We are excited to invite you to an evening of understanding your business financial literacy, Xero Tips & Tricks and also an introduction to WorkflowMax - WorkflowMax offers you a complete, cloud-based solution to manage your projects and jobs.

12 04 2019

Sustainability within the tourism industry

In 2018 the introduction of the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy was announced with legislation to give effect to this expected to be passed mid-2019. It is not yet clear when it will take effect. This will mean that international visitors will be charged an additional $35 through their visa fees and it is expected to bring in an estimated $80 million per year to be applied to infrastructure and conservation projects. The fund is expected to help improve the protection and enhancement of New Zealand’s distinctive natural environment and improve tourism planning, according to Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage.

02 04 2019

Key IRD services unavailable in late April

In late April the IRD will be making improvements to their systems to help make everything a little more straightforward for us in the furture. myIRD Secure Online Services, phone lines and offices will be unavailible from 3pm, Thursday 18th April - 8am, Friday 26th April while they make the changes.

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